"Batman R.I.P. - Midnight in the House of Hurt"
Batman (1940-2011) 676-000
Batman #676
May 14, 2008
Written by Grant Morrison
Cover by Alex Ross, Tony Daniel
Pencilled by Tony Daniel
Inked by Sandu Florea
Colored by Guy Major
Lettering by Randy Gentile
Edited by Jeanine Schaefer, Mike Marts
Previous Issue Batman #673
Next Issue Batman #677

Beginning "Batman R.I.P.," the epic story that will change the legend of The Dark Knight forever! Everything in Grant Morrison's groundbreaking run on Batman has been leading to this story! While Batman and Robin deal with personal issues, the Club of Villains approaches The Joker for membership.

Summary of Stephness: Discussing Bruce's strange relationship with Jezebel Jet, Alfred asks Tim what's really troubling him. Tim responds, "Alfred, in the space of two years, I lost my dad, my best friend and my girlfriend...and I've been adopted by Batman. I spend increasing amounts of my time in a seriously creepy world of violent crime and insanity...and all in all, I think I cope better than most people my age would. But yeah...something's been keeping me up at night..." referring to Damian Wayne. At the beginning of another major arc, it's nice to see Steph's impact on Tim's life, even if it's just as quickly forgotten as previously. Interestingly, just one week later, Steph would return, only to become caught up in the increasingly erratic Bruce's plans for Tim.

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