"War Games: Epilogue: Decompression"
Batman #643
November 24, 2004
Written by Andersen Gabrych
Cover by Matt Wagner
Pencilled by Paul Lee
Inked by Brian Horton
Colored by Guy Major
Lettering by Pat Brosseau
Edited by Michael Wright, Bob Schreck
Previous Issue Detective Comics #800
Next Issue Robin #132

In this "War Games" epilogue written by Andersen Gabrych (DETECTIVE COMICS) with art by Paul Lee (midnight, MASS: Here there be monsters) and Brian Horton, several secrets are revealed about crucial moments of the monumental event! The gang war that swept through Gotham changed the landscape of the Dark Knight's world. Now Batman and Nightwing must pick up the pieces of this shattered city.

Summary of Stephness: We see, in flashback, Batman saying farwell to Stephanie's body in the morgue with Leslie. Bruce tells Dick how he delayed letting Tim know Stephanie's condition until after she died.

Onyx, possibly speaking as an authorial mouthpiece, says this: "You're thinking about her. You feeling like you got some blood on your hands?...What happened with that girl...Okay, here it is - some people in this world, regardless of their intentions, are just screw-ups. Sometimes they get it together - I did - and sometimes they don't get the chance to because they screw up and die. She did it. Not you. you were always trying to do what was best for her. And from where I sit, ain't no shame in that." Dick echoes the sentiment, but Bruce doesn't agree. He remembers meeting Stephanie's mother at her grave.

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