"War Games: Act 3, Part 8: No Going Back"
Batman #633
October 27, 2004
Written by Bill Willingham
Cover by Matt Wagner
Pencilled by Kinsun
Inked by Aaron Sowd, Rodney Ramos, Adam DeKraker
Colored by Tony Avina
Lettering by Ken Lopez
Edited by Michael Wright, Bob Schreck
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 In this extra-sized conclusion, the climactic battle between Batman and the mastermind behind the Gotham City gang war comes to a head! After Black Mask attacks Oracle and the Scarebeast runs rampant against the Bat-Family, a hero falls!

Summary of Stephness: After saving Oracle from the Clocktower's self destruct, Batman gets a call from Leslie. Stephanie's internal trauma is too great, and she has minutes to live. Batman asks for a moment alone. He tries to comfort her about her responsibility for the war. She asks, "Does Tim hate me?" "No. Of course not. He adores you. Always has." She tells him about her baby, and that she's gave her daughter up for adoption. Batman promises that "she'll never want for anything. I promise."


"I'm still here. I'm not going anywhere."

"When you let me be Robin - it wasn't just some kind of trick, was it? A way to get Tim to come back? Or your way to show me I wasn't cut out for the job? Was any of it real? Was I ever really Robin?"

"Of course you were."

"Good. Then I was really part of the it - part of the legend. Even if it was only for a little while. No matter what, no one can take that away."

"No matter what."

"I think I need to rest now."

"You bet. I'll be here, watching over you."

Steph's monitor beeps one long, unending beep.

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