"The Vigilante Vixen"
Batman secret files and origins Cover 1
Batman: Secret Files and Origins #1
August 13, 1997
Written by Scott Beatty
Cover by Patrick Martin, Scott McDaniel, Karl Story
Pencilled by Stephano Raffaele
Inked by Stan Woch
Colored by Tom McCraw
Lettering by Typeset
Edited by Frank Berrios, Mike Carlin, K.C. Carlson
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Next Issue Robin #45

"Gazing Back: The Secret Origin of the Batman," a 22-page tale. Script by Devin K. Grayson, art by Staz Johnson & James A. Hodgkins. Feature: "Who is Bruce Wayne?" written by Chuck Dixon. "Guided Tour: The Batcave!" Script & pencils by Graham Nolan, inks by Bob McLeod. Interview with Alfred Pennyworth written by Doug Moench, illustrated by Jim Aparo & Bill Sienkiewicz. A Wayne Family History written by Scott Beatty. "How Batman Gets His Equipment." Script by Chuck Dixon, art by Jim Aparo & Tom Palmer. Batman timeline written by Scott Beatty. Feature written by Kelley Puckett: "From the Desk of Dr. Dennis O'Goodwin." Plus: Profile pages, all written by Scott Beatty. Art for the profile pages: Mark Buckingham (Batman), Scott McDaniel & Karl Story (Nightwing), Staz Johnson & Stan Woch (Robin), Lee Weeks (Commissioner Gordon, Alfred), Jim Aparo & Scott McDaniel (G.C.P.D.), Gary Frank & John Dell (Birds of Prey: Black Canary and Oracle), Brian Apthorp & Wayne Faucher (Huntress), Jim Balent (Catwoman), Roger Robinson & James Pascoe (Azrael, Azrael's Supporting Cast), Stefano Raffaele & Stan Woch (Spoiler).

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