"The Vigilante Vixen: The Spoiler"
Batman Secret Files and Origins Cover
Batman Secret Files and Origins #1
October 1, 1997
Written by Scott Beatty
Cover by Patrick Martin, Scott Alan McDaniel, Karl Story
Pencilled by Stefano Raffaele
Inked by Stan Woch
Colored by Tom McCraw
Lettering by (Typeset)
Edited by Frank Berrios, K.C. Carlson

Issue includes:

  • Man Behind the Bat: Alfred Pennyworth Speaks;
  • An All-New Secret Origin Story;
  • The Waynes: The First Family of Gotham City;
  • Who Is Batman? An Exclusive Psychological Profile;
  • How Batman Gets His Equipment;
  • Plus Inside Info on Batman's Allies; and
  • Going Underground: A Guided Tour of the Batcave.

Summary of Stephness:  Profile Page 59 on the Spoiler.


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