Batman Eternal 045 (2015) (Digital-Empire)-000
Batman Eternal #45
February 11, 2015
Written by Ray Fawkes, story by Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, consulting writers Kyle Higgins, Tim Seeley
Cover by Ethan Van Sciver, Marcelo Maiolo
Interior Art by Javi Fernandez
Colored by Dan Brown
Lettering by Steve Wands
Edited by Dave Wielgosz, Chris Conroy, Mark Doyle
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Nothing in his experience with cutting-edge technology could prepare Batwing for a battle against the vengeful spirits who’ve taken control of his armor!

Summary of Stephness: Steph and Harper have stopped attempting to inflict GBH upon each other, and are sitting, chair to bed, Harper holding a large stunning gun (instead of the stun wrench thingy from #44). Steph continues to argue that Batman created the problem they face today - from the super villains to the plan which current wrecks havoc on the streets. She attempts to pull a smoke capsule out of her glove, but Harper quickly holds the gun to her face. She dismisses Steph's arguments in favor of immediate action, saying that it's bad guys versus good guys, and places the stun gun on a tripod in front of Steph, setting it to automatically track her. Steph still refuses to trust any of the Batfamily, but Harper says she's going to try to get Steph out of Gotham, because even though she thinks Steph is a selfish jerk with a chip on her shoulder, Harper still thinks she's pretty cool. After Harper jumps out the window, Steph is not quite sure what to do with people thinking well of her (shades of Batgirl...).

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