"Planet Gotham"
B-tr 001 001
Batman: The Return #1
November 17, 2010
Written by Grant Morrison
Cover by David Finch, Gene Ha
Pencilled by David Finch
Inked by Batt, Ryan Winn
Colored by Peter Steigerwald
Lettering by Dave Sharpe
Edited by Janelle Siegel, Mike Marts
Previous Issue Bruce Wayne: The Road Home: Oracle #1
Next Issue Batman Incorporated #6

Steph: "Wait a minute...I have a life. I have friends."

The event of the year is here! Bruce Wayne made his long journey back through the timestream in RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE, Dick Grayson and Damian uncovered important secrets in BATMAN and ROBIN, Gotham City's bravest heroes made their mark in BRUCE WAYNE - THE ROAD HOME...and now it's time for BATMAN to return! What happens to Dick Grayson now that the "real" Batman is back? How will Bruce Wayne handle a reunion with his son, Damian? This special one-shot bridges two exciting eras of The Dark Knight and sets up a surprising new status quo that's just on the horizon. Featuring the talents of Batman mastermind Grant Morrison and superstar artist David Finch providing interior art, this issue is a can't-miss for comics fans!

Summary of Stephness: As Bruce Wayne dons the mantle of Batman again in Gotham, he calls together his closest associates - Batman (Dick Grayson), Red Robin, Robin, Oracle, and of course, Batgirl! In the Batcave, he shows them some of his new plans to fight evil in the future, including enrolling Steph in an English finishing school. As the world reacts to Batman's return, a shadowy presence names itself: Leviathan!

Other Formats/Collected In:
Digital Comic Book
Batman & Robin: Batman & Robin Must Die TPB
Batman: The Dark Knight: Golden Dawn TPB
Absolute Batman & Robin: Batman Reborn HC

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