Batman lil gotham 1 cover
Batman: Li’l Gotham #1
April 10, 2013
Written by Derek Fridolfs, Dustin Nguyen
Cover by Dustin Nguyen
Pencilled by Dustin Nguyen
Inked by Dustin Nguyen
Colored by Dustin Nguyen
Lettering by Saida Temofonte
Edited by Sarah Gaydos, Bob Harras
Next Issue Batman: Li'l Gotham #12

First, Robin needs Batman's help to learn the true meaning of Halloween. Then, on Thanksgiving, Batman and Robin join the families of Gotham City around the table for a holiday feast-and birds of a feather flock together to stage a march against the city...led by The Penguin!

Summary of Stephness: Steph is shown on the cover as Batgirl, being her usual self, smiling while all the other superheroes have their stoic faces on.

Lil gotham 1 batgirl

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Batman: Li'l Gotham Vol. 01 TPB

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