"Knight Moves: Part Two: Castling"
Batman - Gotham Knights 039-000
Batman: Gotham Knights #39
March 17, 2003
Written by Scott Beatty
Cover by Brian Bolland
Pencilled by Roger Robinson
Inked by John Floyd
Colored by Gloria Vasquez
Lettering by Bob Pinaha
Edited by Nachie Castro, Matt Idelson
Previous Issue Robin #112
Next Issue Young Justice #54

"Knight Moves" part 2. The Huntress has been captured by Checkmate, who makes her an offer she can't possibly refuse. But refuse she does! Injured and on the run, her only salvation lies in the not-so-tender hands of Batman.

Summary of Stephness: Tim attempts to push Batman on the subject of Stephanie, but Batman makes it clear that she's not part of the "immediate family." Tim persists, but Batman is clear that he won't discuss it.

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