"Knight Moves: Part One: The Queen Is Dead"
Gotham Knights 38 cover
Batman: Gotham Knights #38
February 19, 2003
Written by Scott Beatty
Cover by Brian Bollard
Pencilled by Roger Robinson
Inked by John Floyd
Colored by Gloria Vasquez
Lettering by Bob Pinaha
Edited by Nachie Castro, Matt Idelson
Previous Issue Robin #111
Next Issue Batgirl #38
"Knight Moves" part 1! Checkmate has had its missions in Gotham thwarted time and again by Batman, and the covert agency has had enough. Its first move against the Dark Knight comes from kidnapping one of his allies--the Huntress!

Summary of Stephness: Alfred and Bruce discuss the Batfamily, and Alfred brings up Bruce's cruel discouragement of Stephanie being Spoiler in the last issue. Bruce says he wants to keep Stephanie safe, and hopes that the death of her father will motivate her to give up her dangerous life - an inconsistency with his own life that Alfred quickly points out.

Later, as Bruce forges Batarangs, Tim stops by to tell him that Stephanie refuses to retire. Bruce does not deny her right, but does make it clear she's completely on her own.

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