"Chapter Eight: Blackout"
Batman family 8 cover
Batman: Family #8
December 18, 2002
Written by John Francis Moore
Cover by Stefano Gaudiano, Heroic Age
Pencilled by Stefano Gaudiano, Rick Hoberg, Steve Lieber
Inked by Stefano Gaudiano, Rick Hoberg, Steve Lieber
Colored by Carla Feeny, Jessica Kindzierski, Heroic Age
Lettering by John E. Workman Jr.
Edited by Matt Idelson, Nachie Castro
Previous Issue Young Justice #50
Next Issue Robin #109

Steph: "I'm tired of being a fifth wheel. I can take care of myself."

Batman: Family concludes in an extra-sized issue! Batman and his "family" launch an all-out assault on Athena and her "family." But even if they win the battle, can they hope to save Gotham from a long and deadly night? All secrets are revealed, all scores settled and when it's over, Gotham will be shaken to its very core, with the future of Wayne Enterprises determined once and for all!

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