"Army of One"
Battle for the Cowl 2 cover
Batman: Battle for the Cowl #2
April 8, 2009
Written by Tony S. Daniel
Cover by Tony S. Daniel
Pencilled by Tony S. Daniel
Inked by Sandu Florea
Colored by Ian Hannin
Lettering by Jared K. Fletcher
Edited by Janelle Siegel, Mike Marts
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With the destruction of Arkham Asylum and dozens of Gotham City's most lethal villains rioting through the streets, it would seem that Nightwing, Robin and their allies have their hands full. But they hadn't counted on the return of Batman himself! But is it really The Dark Knight? If so, why is he acting so strangely? And if not, is this a threat that could mean the destruction of Gotham?

This 3-issue series continues to shock and surprise as the battle shifts to the next level with a face-off and ending that will have everybody talking. Who has earned the right to be Batman? Who thinks they deserve it? Robin? Nightwing? Jason Todd? Who will ultimately win the BATTLE FOR THE COWL?

Summary of Stephness: Spoiler appears only on the cover, flanking Tim.

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