"Manslaughter, part two"
BoP 16 cover
Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #16
November 8, 2017
Written by Julie Benson, Shawna Benson
Cover by Yanick Paquette
Pencilled by Roge Antonio
Colored by Marcelo Maiolo
Lettering by Deron Bennett
Edited by Brian Cunningham, Rob Levin
Previous Issue Detective Comics #968
Next Issue Detective Comics #969
“Manslaughter” part two! As an illness that affects half of Gotham City’s population grows, Batgirl, Black Canary and Huntress pick up some unexpected help from Catwoman, Ivy and Harley, as well as some welcome backup from Batwoman, Spoiler, Gotham Girl and Wonder Woman. But as the Birds of Prey grow closer to discovering the source of the outbreak, what they find won’t end the plague and might only make it grow faster.

Summary of Stephness: Batwoman orders Steph to stay with her because of her estrangement from the team. Steph later expresses irritation at the stopping of infecting Arkham inmates with the male plague. Lastly, she teams with Cass to fight the villains when they are revealed, saying that it's suspiciously easy to fight them.

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Behind the Scenes: An interview with Julie and Shawna Benson at Comicosity revealed some tidbits about Spoiler's appearance in the story line:

JB: YEAAAAAH! I’m jumping up and down as I’m talking about it because we are SO excited for this story.

It was one of those things where we sat down and said, “It’s been great having Catwoman and Ivy on the team. I wish we could do a big crossover.” But how much of the sandbox are we able to play with? So, when we approached our editors with it, they said to just give them a story that involves people, and you can use whoever you want!...

SB: Our book is fun because we start to piece it together in #15, but at the top of #16, you’re going to get this amazing double page spread that shows every single character. That includes all the BOP: Batgirl, Canary, Huntress, Catwoman, and Ivy. We’re also pulling in Harley Quinn for some Siren action. We’re getting the Detective team: Batwoman, Orphan, and Spoiler’s come back, even though she’s not so happy with the team in that book. Wonder Woman. Lois Lane is in town. Amanda Waller will fly in to deal with this situation.

It’s huge. This is a big quarantined Gotham, crazy outbreak story that will take three issues for these characters to solve. And the cool thing is, they’re going to do it together.

JB: You’re going to see a lot of the men in Gotham in the “Manslaughter” arc, too. Batman, the male teammates from Detective Comics, and Nightwing will be there.

SB: But you’re going to see them in ways you’re not used to seeing them.

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