"The Lesson: Unchained Melody"
Batgirl 21 Oroboros CPS 001
Batgirl #21
May 11, 2011
Written by Bryan Q. Miller
Cover by Dustin Nguyen
Pencilled by Dustin Nguyen
Inked by Derek Fridolfs
Colored by Guy Major
Lettering by Carlos M. Mangual
Edited by Katie Kubert, Janelle Asselin
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Next Issue Batgirl #22

"I'm a real pain in the ass that way." - Stephanie Brown

When the Grey Ghost puts himself in harm's way to save Gotham City from the Reaper's sound-wielding Harmony, it's up to Batgirl to save the day. Meanwhile, Proxy goes on a personal quest for peace to cure some ghosts of her own

Summary of Stephness: Buried under a pile of rubble, Steph reflects on her wannabe sidekick, Clancy Brown, the "Grey Ghost", who got her into this mess. The Reaper she's been fighting approaches, and Steph uses her grapple gun to give her leverage in punching the Reaper and gets free in the face of the next sonic attack. She lures the villain into a corridor of weakened pillars, which collapses and traps them temporarily.

Batgirl finds Clancy, who is still weirdly inappropriate, calling her "my Violet Avenger", and tells her the villain's name is Harmony. Steph convinces Clancy not to come along, because he's doing it for selfish reasons, but he promises he'll show her how much she needs him.

Solo, Batgirl finds Harmony robbing a grave. Her 'rangs can't get past the sound waves of the Reaper's weapons, and Harmony won't allow her to get close enough for hand to hand, so she gets some air with her grapple. Setting off the bells in the religious complex, Steph easily beats Harmony hand to hand, now that her sonic advantage is neutralized. Many, many quips are lost to the audience in "..." bubbles.

Steph and Babs recap her semester so far - boring Reconstruction history, awesome Great Gatsby, and two out of five Reapers down - with no discernible connections to each other. Steph says she wants Proxy to start tracking chatter to find the Reaper's lair and higher up, but Babs says that Wendy has gone to Nanda Parbat. Steph steels herself for the coming fight, saying, "And then there was one. I like those odds."

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