"The Lesson: Frogs, Snails & Puppy-Dog Tails..."
Batgirl 17 Legion CPS 001
Batgirl #17
January 12, 2011
Written by Bryan Q. Miller
Cover by Dustin Nguyen
Interior Art by Pere Perez
Colored by Guy Major
Lettering by Travis Lanham
Edited by Sean Ryan
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Batgirl has been given her first sanctioned Batman Incorporated assignment solving a series of high-profile kidnappings, and she’s thrilled! Well, she was – until Damian Wayne decided to ride shotgun. Can the Dysfunctional Duo stop fighting long enough to save the children of Gotham City’s elite?

Summary of Stephness: Steph's mom wakes her up (paralleling Damian's earlier morning rising sequence), since she overslept. Steph rushes out the door, scarfing down a waffle, brushing teeth, and sliding down the bannister as her mother gives her motherly advice, perhaps lifted from the movies. As Batgirl, she comes across Robin interrogating an aggressive crossing guard (who was mean to Nell Little). Steph believes that the crossing guard is a lookout for the kidnappers Bruce told her to investigate, while Damian just pulled him up for being rude. At the Gotham Children's Museum, they see a bus full of children pulling up, and Steph explains the idea of a field trip to Damian. She then suggests that Damian go undercover to keep an eye of the kids. As Batgirl knocks out the security for the museum, Damian is accosted by Nell, and tells her that his name is Bruce, breaking Steph's heart a little. As she tries to spot the kidnappers over the security monitors, she realizes that Damian has no idea how to play. Steph spots something suspicious, but when she and Damian reach the bus driver, they deduce that the kidnappers have taken the whole busload of children.

On top of the bus, Damian stabs a sword into the roof to let the kidnappers know he and Batgirl have arrived, and they respond with a hail of bullets. Steph nixes his idea of tear gas (because of the children in the bus), and while Damian (a ten year old boy) drives the bus, Batgirl takes down the kidnappers.

Four harrowing minutes later, Robin and Batgirl hand over the kidnappers to the authorities, the day saved. Steph tells Damian that he exceeded expectations, but wants him to learn something else.

That night, in civilian clothes, Steph takes Damian to an amusement park, and forces him to join her in the moon bounce. Though protesting, Damian loosens up a bit, and Steph thinks there's hope for him yet.

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