"Fresh Blood, Part 2: Following Footsteps"
Batgirl 58 cover-0
Batgirl #58
November 24, 2004
Written by Andersen Gabrych
Cover by Jesse Delperdang, Alejandro Garza, Wildstorm FX
Pencilled by Alejandro Garza
Inked by Jesse Delperdang
Colored by Wildstorm FX
Lettering by Rob Leigh
Edited by Michael Wright
Previous Issue Robin #132
Next Issue Robin #133

Cass: "I don’t remember the last time I cried. Before that day. Stephanie was my friend. That sounds so…dumb. But I never had one before. Really."

A new creative team debuts in Part 2 of the 4-part Robin/Batgirl crossover "Fresh Blood!" In the aftermath of "War Games," Cassandra teams up with Robin to pick up the pieces. Following the events of Robin #132, can these crime fighting teens stop the lethal blades of Nightwing's arch nemesis, Shrike?

Summary of Stephaness: Cass reflects on losing Stephanie Brown as a friend and flashbacks to Steph’s funeral.

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