"War Games: Act 1, Part 6: Total War"
Batgirl 55
Batgirl #55
August 18, 2004
Written by Dylan Horrocks
Cover by James Jean
Interior Art by Sean Phillips
Colored by Jason Wright
Lettering by Nick J. Napolitano
Edited by Michael Wright
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Cass: "Wait! Stephanie! Are you... lying to me?...Stephanie!"

Batgirl scours the streets and rooftops in search of a former ally. But when news comes of a gun battle across town, Batgirl must decide between continuing the search and running a gauntlet of gun-toting gangsters to get to her teammates.

Summary of Stephness: As she deals with the chaos of the gang war, Cass asks Oracle, "Where's SPOILER?" Babs reminds her that Steph was fired days ago, and not on the team. Cass snaps back, and Babs apologizes, noting that she's been awake for thirty hours, and says Steph's probably at home at Cass's insistence. Cass looks into Steph's empty bedroom sadly, and then saves Steph as she attempts to stop more violence. Cass tells Steph, "You should be here," and she replies, "I know. I just...I wanted to help." Cass angrily tells her to go home, and Steph says she will. Seeing her body language, Cass follows and asks if Steph is lying, but Steph runs off and Oracle yanks Cass away before she can find out more.

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Digital Comic Book
Batman: War Games, Act One: Outbreak TPB
Batman: War Games Book One TPB

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