"Cooking the Books"
Batgirl #54
July 28, 2004
Written by Dylan Horrocks
Cover by James Jean
Pencilled by Rick Leonardi
Inked by Jesse Delperdang
Colored by Jason Wright
Lettering by Clem Robins
Edited by Michael Wright
Previous Issue Robin #128
Next Issue Batman: The 12 Cent Adventure

Cass: "Stephanie? Why wear this? You're...Robin now."
Steph: "That's what I came to tell you. I...he...Batman fired me. Again. He said I wasn't...I want to thank you for your friendship, Cassie. And I want you to know that whatever he says I'm not going to GIVE UP. Fighting crime, I mean...I'll show HIM. I'll show THEM all."

A cyborg executes an all-out assault on a publisher who plans to print a book that contains the secrets to his existence. Can Batgirl stop this massive mechanized murderer?

Summary of Stephness: After Cassandra battles a rogue cyborg in a library, shutting it down by making it read the key word "peace" from a book detailing the machine (since she could not read the word herself) she has a falling out with Oracle, who in a moment of stress when Cass was unable to read the shutdown word, called her "stupid". Storming out, she is hailed by Stephanie, in her Spoiler costume. Cass asks her why she's wearing it, since she's Robin now. Stephanie replies that Batman has fired her again, her eyes beginning to tear up. She tells Cassandra that she wanted to find her and thank her for her friendship. She declares that she's not going to give up and that she'll show them all. She swings away before Batgirl can reply. Saddened and befuddled, Cass goes home, taking the torn page from the book containing the word 'PEACE" and taping it on her wall. She sits on her bed and stares at it sadly, unable to read it.

Behind the Scenes: Rick Leonardi draws both Steph and Cass here, but they look quite different than their appearance years later in Convergence: Batgirl. For some reason, this issue isn't collected in the original War Games trade paperbacks, or the new War Games: Book One.

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