"Bruce Wayne: Fugitive, Part Five"
Batgirl 27 cover
Batgirl #27
April 10, 2002
Written by Kelley Puckett
Cover by Robert Campanella
Pencilled by Phil Noto
Inked by Robert Campanella
Colored by Jason Wright, Digital Chameleon
Lettering by John Costanza
Edited by Michael Wright
Previous Issue Robin #100
Next Issue Robin #101

Steph: "I swear to God, next time...I'm rooting for Shiva."

"Bruce Wayne: Fugitive" Part 5, featuring guest-pencils by BIRDS OF PREY cover artist Phil Noto! Batgirl searches for evidence to the murder of Vesper Fairchild. But to get those deep dark secrets, she's going to have to do some digging...and exhuming! Featuring appearances by Batman, Spoiler and Oracle.

Summary of Stephness: Cassandra and Stephanie are playing a game of rooftop tag and Cassandra naturally wins by tripping Stephanie. As she helps Steph up, Stephanie comments, "Ever since you beat Shiva you've turned into a real..." but Cassandra hushes her when she hears something. Both girls see a bunch of armed men nearby. Stephanie comments, "These guys look serious!" and Cassandra replies, "Yeah..." and promptly knocks her out. Cassandra vaults over and finishes the guys in no time, then runs into Bruce, who congratulates her on her defeat of Shiva. Cass offers to help him with the "Bruce Wayne: Fugitive" situation, but Batman refuses.

Later, Stephanie complains to Oracle that Cass broke her jaw. Oracle tells her people with broken jaws don't talk and shoos her away, and Spoiler stalks off. Cass explains she hit Steph with a nerve strike, which makes a tiny fracture. They discuss the Bruce Wayne case, and this motivates Cass to ask Steph to take her to Vesper Fairchild's grave. When they get there, Spoiler realizes Batgirl's plan to dig up Vesper's dead body and examine it, and protests, telling Cass she would have to knock her out again if she wanted to do it. Cass promptly complies and a disgruntled Stephanie wakes up to find Cassandra examining Vesper's corpse. Cass tells her the body is too decomposed to tell anything, but suddenly gets an epiphany, takes off her glove, and touches Vesper's face. Stephanie reacts with disgust and then even more so when Cass places said hand on Steph's own face. Cass, however, has realized Vesper received a nerve strike before she was killed, much like the one Cass used on Steph.

She relays the news to Oracle, Robin, and Nightwing, who are very pleased, as it makes no sense for Bruce Wayne, consumed with rage, to use a nerve strike. Stephanie congratulates Cass and they go to play rooftop tag again.


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