"Joker: Last Laugh, Part Fourteen"
Batgirl 21 cover
Batgirl #21
October 17, 2001
Written by Kelley Puckett
Cover by Tim Sale
Pencilled by Damion Scott
Inked by Robert Campanella
Colored by Gregory Wright, Digital Chameleon
Lettering by John Costanza
Edited by Michael Wright
Previous Issue Joker: Last Laugh #3
Next Issue Wonder Woman #175

Spoiler: "Pulse is good. He's okay. He's going to be okay."
Batgirl: "Didn't mean...please...I...Oracle..."
Spoiler: "Hey. All I see here is an unconscious villian."
Batgirl: "Thanks. I' back."

Batgirl teams up with Spoiler to sweep Gotham City for escapees from the Slab. But will Cassandra be able to adhere to Batman's standing order not to engage costumed villains, when Oracle's Clocktower is overtaken by the Shadow Thief?

Summary of Stephness: Steph interrupts Cassandra's training to relay a message from Oracle that Cass should come with her to the clock tower. The reason for Babs' summons is because super villains high on Joker venom are roaming around Gotham and she wants Cass and Steph to stay safe. A Jokerized Shadow Thief breaks into the Clock Tower. Cass goes after him, learning his secret technique by watching his body language. Oracle shuts down the power in the Clock Tower so the Thief is unable to steal energy for his Thanagarian Shadow Field, which keeps him intangible. Stephanie rushes out to help Cass, only to find her in tears, not knowing he'd lost his intangibility, she hit him too hard and killed him. Answering Batgirl's plea for help, Steph revives Shadow Thief using CPR. Cassandra asks her not to tell Oracle and Steph responds, "Hey. All I see here is an unconscious villain." Cassandra thanks her and runs away, leaving a bewildered Stephanie in her wake.


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