August 27

Guys, I usually don't update for this sort of thing, but Steph has her own tumblr now (and I recognize some of my scans in there, glee!) Tumblr! I should also note that our new fabulous wiki-corunner, VeronicaEatsLemons (everyone welcome her! Thank her for being awesome!) has a tumblr that is awesomely stephtastic. Also of Stephinterest is The Batgirls Tumblr. ALSO GUYS. BEEN MEANING TO SAY FOR A WHILE NOW, EVEN ROBINS IS BACK. SEE IT HERE.

August 16

The solicit for Batgirl 15 is out here.

Written by BRYAN Q. MILLER
It’s a new year and a new look for Batgirl as superstar artist Dustin Nguyen (DETECTIVE COMICS) joins the creative team! The unsinkable Stephanie Brown’s second semester at Gotham U. starts like any other – new classes, new allies, a vigilante stalker – everything a gal could want! But what Gotham City’s Batgirl isn’t prepared for is the arrival of the mysterious “Order of the Scythe.” Who are they, and why have they set their sights on her? “The Lesson” begins here!
On sale NOVEMBER 10 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US

August 13

Who says Friday the 13th is unlucky? None other than Dustin Nguyen is the new artist for Batgirl, and here's an amazing cover to prove it!

August 11

In addition to Batgirl #13 being out today, the source has preview cover art for "The Road Home" including the Batgirl cover

August 7

No one bothered to tell me Steph was in Red Robin #15, but she is!

August 6 Preview for Batgirl #13 out August 11! I like to think Steph is playing Ping Pong with Padma Patil. Somehow.