Bombshell has the same powers of Captain Atom, quantum metal skin and the ability to control energy. She betrayed the Teen Titans the first time she was a member and was thought to be killed by a drugged Cassandra Cain but she survived. She is pursued by a military black ops unit, and the Titans agreed to shelter her for the sake of her father and her own safety.

She has a very difficult personality and often insults and threatens to fight other people.

When Stephanie dropped by the Tower to give Tim moral support when he quit the team, she got into a friendly sparring match with Traci Thirteen. The girls were getting along fabulously until Amy came stomping in to challenge the girls to some "real fighting." Traci pointed out they were sparring and a "trashy traitor" like Bombshell wasn't likely to play fair. Amy dismissed her and asked Spoiler if she was a chicken too.

"What's wrong? Afraid you'd die for real this time?" Bombshell said, and Spoiler tensed up and glared at her, the two girls in confrontation mode, inches away from each other's faces. However, the potential confrontation was averted when hyperactive teen hero Misfit teleported in, setting off the alarms.

Stephanie left the Tower with Tim later, not having any more confrontations with the explosive Bombshell.

All of this happened in Teen Titans #66.

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