"History of the DCU, Part 7"
52 week cover TN
52: Week Eight
June 28, 2006
Written by Dan Jurgens
Cover by J. G. Jones
Pencilled by Dan Jurgens
Inked by Andy Lanning
Colored by Jeromy Cox, Guy Major
Lettering by Nick J. Napolitano
Edited by Eddie Berganza, Ivan Cohen, Jeanine Schaefer
Previous Issue Robin #151
Next Issue Birds of Prey #98

The backup feature story of the comic book, "History of the DCU" in 52, running in issues #2–11 and written by Dan Jurgens.

In this version, Donna Troy, now in possession of Harbinger's orb, tells the story of the history of the DCU, up to Infinite Crisis.

Summary of Stephness: On page 32, it shows Stephanie Brown as Robin and a frame with Batman cradling Stephanie Brown as the Spoiler with blood showing on her head.

Harbringer’s orb: “Batman again suffered tragedy when his city came under attack. Stephanie Brown—who had trained as Robin after Tim Drake quit—was tortured and killed by Black Mask…”

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